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LUISA Nautilus Planter


LUISA Nautilus Planter

LUISA Nautilus Planter

  • A charming, sculptural planter great for cradling plants, vines & flowers. 
  • Made from a unique material formulated to achieve a well-balanced ratio of stones, shells and binders that are then carefully moulded into stunning sculptures evocative of nature's own woundrous shapes.
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About the Designer

Luisa, by Luisa Robinson, emphasizes materiality: the substance in design inherent in a material that leads to a synthesis of form and function. She is keen on integrating natural indigenous materials with modern technology and applications.

Product Specifications
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Size Base Length = 5.91 inches, Base Width = 4.13 inches, Height = 15.35 inches, Mouth Diameter = 6.89 inches, Body Circumference = 26.77 inches
Weight 2000 grams
Color White
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