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LUISA Perfumed Candle in Rosaraie Scent


LUISA Perfumed Candle in Rosaraie Scent

LUISA Perfumed Candle in Rosaraie Scent

  • Rosarie scent: Pink velvet petals strewn as a pillow, memories come rushing back as a amber, cedar and sandalwood swirl and surround your senses.
  • Uniquely mixed with high grade essential oils and premium fragrance in gentle jasmin and moringa
  • Perfect for ambient lighting for any room, with a chic candleholder to boot
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About the Designer

Luisa, by Luisa Robinson, emphasizes materiality: the substance in design inherent in a material that leads to a synthesis of form and function. She is keen on integrating natural indigenous materials with modern technology and applications.

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Size 8 oz or 277 grams
Weight 650 grams
Color Rosaraie
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